Legal Aid Translations Services West Midlands

Legal Aid Translations Services West Midlands

If you require legal aid translations services West Midlands, we at KL Translation Ltd deliver  legal aid translations services for yourself or your clients into and from any in over 150 languages, this could be English, Swedish, Danish, Swahili, click here to view more languages, KL Translations is a reliable and professional translations agency located in the United Kingdom but whose services are not limited to that country alone. Rather these translations services are requested for and offered to persons, companies and businesses across the globe.

Legal aid is that free legal assistance or representation availed to the less fortunate for purposes of justice and equality for all people in the world regardless of their ethnicity, language, colour, social or academic status.

About West Midlands;

This County is found in West Central part of England and composed of seven Boroughs which include; Birmingham, Coventry, Wolverhampton, Dudley, Sandwell, Solihull and the city of Walsall. It is estimated to have a population of 2.8 million inhabitants with ethnicities of whites, white British, Blacks and Asian with a variety of religions.

Legal Aid Document Translations Services

KL Translations agency deals with all kinds of legal aid documents during translations and these can be official or non-official documents that can be translated from and into any language in West Midlands and from any other part of the world.

Examples of documents that are translated

  • Birth and death certificates
  • Marriage and divorce certificates
  • Witness testimonies in text format
  • Legal contracts
  • Wills and testimonials
Characteristics of the services include;
  • Accurate legal aid translations services West Midlands
  • Very fast service delivery
  • High-quality Legal aid translations services West Midlands
  • Reliable and proved translators
  • Confidentiality is the order of the day

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