Legal Aid Translation Londonderry County

Legal Aid Translation Londonderry County

We offer legal aid translation services Londonderry County at legal aid rates for various areas of the law. Our translations are accurate and reflect the actual UK legal system.

We take pride in our partnership with 5000+ professional and qualified native speakers who offer cultural and lingual consultancy services pointing out social dos and don’ts, and relevant influences to your target ethnic audience. KL Translations delivers an unshakable experience with reliability and accurate results at competitive price.

Our professional and accurate legal aid translation services Londonderry County cover all different  types of legal documents. These include:

  • Certified and Notarised Legal Translation,
  • Terms and Conditions,
  • Legal aid interpreters,
  • Property Acquisition,
  • Witness Statements,
  • Legal Business Contracts,
  • Court Documents,
  • Personal Injury and Personal Liability Claims and much more.

Our legal sector experts, talented translators and agile technology help achieve your goals. KL Translations will assigns your legal service needs with experienced translators in over 100 languages offering round the clock coverage at competitive cost ensuring 100% accuracy.

About Londonderry

It is also known as County Derry and is one of the six counties of Northern Ireland. It is one of the nine traditional counties of Ireland, lying within the historic province of Ulster. County Londonderry is home to the following towns

  • Magherafelt
  • Londonderry
  • Portstewart
  • Cloeraine
  • Limavady

Interesting facts about Londonderry

Shirt making in the city was the most productive in the UK with garments being exported all over the world.

The city is the North West’s foremost shopping district, housing two large shopping centres with numerous shop packed streets serving much of the greater county.

Why need our Legal aid translation services Londonderry County? Here are a few core reasons:

We handle the translation of everything from witness statements to multinational and global corporation contracts. The following are the salient features of our Legal Aid Translation services Londonderry County:

  • High technical perfection
  • Fast turnaround
  • Competitive and fair prices
  • Scrupulous Proofreading after translation
  • Experts handling the translation
  • Accurate legal aid translation services Londonderry County

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