Why Refugees Need Legal Aid Services In Their Native Languages

Legal aid services need language translation services or legal aid interpretation services to serve as a link for open communication to  the community organizations or legal aid service providers that deliver legal help to immigrants who are asylum seekers in any area or country. This will help to reduce upsetting outcomes, from incorrect decisions in refugee status determination to misdiagnosis in health care treatments, therefore, the legal translators and interpreters need serious training in order to perform their tasks professionally. This will also help them avoid unintentional damage from misinterpretation or breaches of ethical boundaries in privacy and impartiality. The immigrant will feel being helped when he or she acquires legal help in a native language.

Legal aid services that are offered to refugees

After refugees settling in a foreign country, the government, Non-government organizations, and other legal aid service providers play a corporate social responsibility in providing legal aid to foreign people in different areas such as;

  • Immigration advice
  • Application assistance scheme
  • Health cares assistance
  • Education for children
  • Accommodation
  • Legal protection and security
  • Etc

Why Legal aid services in native language

Legal aid services deserve to be delivered in the refugee’s native speaking languages, this is due to the fact that, most of the asylum seekers in any country they run tend to have difficulties in understanding important information that requires their responses to the legal aid service providers in English languages, this will make the legal aid service providers to hire translation services so as to deliver their aid to refugees in their native languages.  Also, some refugees on arriving in the foreign country seeking for refuge when they are frightened, confused, and overwhelmed, so such people really need help in their own native languages.

The technicality of legal aid language needs translation and interpretation into a refugee’s native language. Indeed, the person might understand some little English, but with legal terminologies that are involved in the legal field may make him or her more confused since the person is unable to understand, so the service providers have to avail legal aid translation services in their client’s native speaking languages.

To facilitate open communication with clients or refugees, legal aid documents need to be translated professionally into the client’ native speaking language. This will help legal aid service providers to have an easy workflow with the people they are helping. In case the refugees are Chinese, Afrikaans, or Vietnamese speaking people, they need to have their legal help in their respective languages that they understand better, meaning legal aid documents must be translated into those respective languages.

The best way to help the refugees is by working with translation companies that provide translation and  interpreting services in several languages, meaning language that you need to translate your legal documents to, will not be their problem, they a multitude of translators and interpreters across the world who translate and interpret into their own native languages