Why are Legal Aid Interpreting Services Helpful to the Asylum Seekers?

Legal aid interpreting services are so helpful to asylum seekers in foreign countries where they move after facing wars and instability in their home countries. Interpreting will help them to access information in their native languages.

For instance, according to the immigration detention and community statistics, the number of immigrants who move to Australia is over 1,853 people in immigration detention facilities, and 585 people in community detention in Australia.

Some of these asylum seekers who move to Australia can even wait for over a year so as to access crucial legal aid in order to apply for protection visas. During the application exercise, they will need legal translation and legal aid interpreting services to help them be in touch with the service providers. It’s the role legal aid interpreting services by legal interpreters to aid communication

Legal aid interpreting Services

What is the role of legal aid interpreter?

Legal aid interpreter plays a significant role in different cases in court, and can also make all the difference between a defendant being found guilty or not,

What should be expected in a good interpreter?

A good legal aid interpreter must the following qualities;

  • Linguistic competence
  • A professional attitude
  • The ability to interpret exactly
  • An understanding of the legal process and his or her duties

Here is the role of legal aid interpreter

Facilitating communication between two or more people, so in court, the interpreter is to ensure the lawyer and the recipient understand each other. An interpreter is important because he or she has the ability to convert legal terminology from English to the intended native language of the client.

A legal aid interpreter as a role of allowing the judge and jury to react in the same manner to a non-English speaking witness as they do with the one who speaks English. Also, a defendant who doesn’t speak English should be enabled to hear what an English speaker says.

A legal interpreter also places clients who are non-English speakers as closely as linguistically possible.  Since he or she is a native speaker of the client’s language, he can play with legal terminologies to make sure that the client understands everything.

A legal aid interpreter is also responsible for producing a legal equivalent, a linguistically true and legally appropriate interpretation.

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