When Are You Legal Aid Eligible?

When Are You Legal Aid Eligible?

The above question is vital when it comes to trying to fix the justice imbalance plague all over the world. Injustice is felt from all four corners of the earth as things don’t usually go well as a result of one’s rights being denied or trampled in so many ways possible.  Since injustice usually happens to the marginalised groups, legal aid is always needed as most cannot afford legal advice or representation.

Marginalized individuals and groups are found in every country though it differs immensely as a result of justice systems being more developed and transparent as opposed to others.

For example, it is more likely for developed countries to have less marginalized groups and that for those that exist, legal Aid is in its abundance and therefore justice has to be done in one way or another without excess delay.

Who is eligible for legal aid depends and differs from one country to another, and in other cases differs according to what state in a country one belongs to.

Those eligible for legal Aid

  • Immigrants
  • Veterans
  • People on criminal charges
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Community organizations
  • The disabled
  • Civil rights abuse
  • Those already eligible to other forms of financial assistance

Immigration is a global thing as at least every country has a number of immigrants with the only difference being in numbers. Here some countries have way higher numbers of immigrants as compared to others.There are so many individuals and groups eligible to legal aid and they include immigrants especially when concerning matters of visas. Countries that have high numbers of immigrants include;

  • United Kingdom
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • United States of America

It should be noted that countries of origin of immigrants at times have differing languages with those spoken at their countries of destination. This means that professional translations are needed for effective communication when offering immigrants legal aid services.

Immigrants and legal aid go hand in hand most of the time regarding issues of visas or as they seek for legal permission to stay in the new foreign country. Therefore, translators and interpreters who are knowledgeable about the law field have to be available for easy and accurate communication. Services that are required when legal aid is needed for immigrants usually include;

By Angela Kyolaba

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