How To Ensure High-Quality Legal Aid Translations

To ensure delivering high-quality legal aid translations to overseas, you need to use professional legal aid translation agencies. Why do you need to bring in translation services to  legal aid services, you may think, as if the two do not have any relationship, but the primary reason for including translations in a legal aid activity is simply to solve the problem of language that may exist between you and your intended clients. As you know, the world does not have one language, different people speak different languages, so if you are extending legal help to a particular place, it’s better to know which language do they speak such that you hire a language service provider to translate your legal aid documents from the source language to that target language (native language used in that area). If your target clients are Afrikaans native speakers, then it’s advisable to approach a translation company to provide you with Afrikaans legal aid translation services.

High-quality legal aid translations

In translation, high quality is necessary so to convey the message clearly to the readers, but the question is “how do you ensure high-quality legal aid translations?”. We are going to look at tips that can help to produce accurate and high-quality translations for a legal aid project and they include;

Spot the target clients; the first thing is to know who is that person you want to deliver the service, it’s good to first identify the target clients and native language so as to use the right language  dialects and word choices. You can not only seek to know the language to use, let’s take the example of the Chinese language, it has different variants like Mandarine and Cantonese, the vernacular therefore will differ depending on the regional location of the target client. The message will need to be localized basing on the client’s vernacular context.

Provide sufficient space to ease the translators work; this is because a translated text will always be longer than its source text which may be in English. So it will need sufficient white paper to avoid fixing words that may be unreadable by readers. Having in mind that you are delivering legal aid services to your target clients, the translation of those legal aid documents should be neat, organized and high quality since they will be used in either court or family court hearing.

Let  the original legal aid  document be prepared neatly before delivering it for translation. The wordings used in the source languages should be used appropriately and their sentence length kept to a minimum. This will lead to high-quality legal aid translation and on the other side contributing to the readability of the content by the audience.

Prove that you are providing the newest version of your legal aid document for translation while ensuring that its thoroughly fact-checked, proofread to avoid mistakes such as spelling errors, grammatical issues, and the sentence structure. Here, you will expect a translator to produce the a translated document that corresponds to the original text because he is not meant to add or delete what the document has.

To ensure that the message you are trying to communicate to your clients is maintained throughout the translation cycle, ensure that you deliver files, fonts and graphics in their original, editable, and electronic mode. This will help the translators to ensure that they don’t deviate, add or delete any text.

Ensure to get at least one person in the organization who is responsible for answering the questions that may arise on the side of a translation team, that person selected to coordinate with the translators should be well equipped to provide answers to translators in case they ask for clarification where possible.

Ensure to submit the project to the translation agency with its glossary defining the key terms; this is so helpful if you have just given your project for translation for the first time. The glossary will help the translators to be consistent in the translation.

For any translation to be accurate and of a high quality, time should be considered a major factor. Ensure to deliver your projects early to the translation agency, meaning you have to only submit your legal aid document to the agency when its ready to be translated, then also be realistic when estimating the time frames to complete your translation project, give an additional time as an allowance for the translator to complete the work becomes a tight deadline never allows translators to do the proofreading and editing, thus you should submit your documents earlier.

For high-quality legal aid translation services and accurate translation, it’s the combination of efforts between you the legal aid service provider and the translation agency that provides legal aid translations, you will have to coordinate with your translators at each stage of translation.

The above translation tips will help to ensure high-quality legal aid translation services if followed accurately.