How Professional Translation Facilitates Legal Aid Beneficiaries

How Professional Translation Facilitates Legal Aid Beneficiaries

Legal Aid applicants at times are people who do not speak the language in which the service is offered. This can be problematic because the individuals in question still have to be considered for the services regardless of the language barrier, and that is why legal aid translation is necessary.

The language factor is intertwined in almost all the other factors because it requires one to understand the terms and policies of getting legal Aid.

An individual or group in need of free representation needs to be able to explain in details their plight or source of discomfort before they can be considered for Legal Aid. This therefore needs a professional interpreter in case the person in question does not speak the official language in that particular region or country.

The particular interpreter or translator also should be very knowledgeable about legal issues and the court room because this at times involves terms and technicalities only known by the legal world. The interpreter must therefore be able to put into perspective and consideration the languages involved; that is idioms and characteristics used so to accurately interpret and translate for effective communication.

Accuracy here is stressed because this is about ensuring justice is served. Legal Aid refers to free legal advice or representation for those who for one reason or another cannot afford it. This clearly shows that it is usually the community’s minority groups that require it the most, since due to their plight they are usually taken advantage of.

There are so many other factors that contribute to the success or failure of one receiving Legal Aid other than language factor, and these may include;

Legal Aid is meant for those who cannot afford the services therefore; in some countries individuals earning a certain percentage of income do not get Legal Aid form any company or pro Bono professionals, This is because they are considered financially fit to pay for their legal services.

Importantly, communication plays a huge role in Legal aid processes and therefore professional translations and interpretation services should be well considered.

Services under Legal Aid translation may include;

By Angela Kyolaba

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