How Legal Aid Translation Saves Immigrants

How Legal Aid Translation Saves Immigrants

It should be noted that legal Aid is usually meant for the minority groups in society and these at times include immigrants. Most of the time immigrants do not necessarily speak that well or at all the languages spoken in their new countries and boroughs of residence.

Reasons immigrants don’t speak the languages while in foreign countries

This comes as a result of having come into the new country at a much older age thus making it difficult for the person or people to fully learn the new language. Such elderly people may learn the greetings, farewells and thank yous in the new language but may not go beyond that.

This can be seen with immigrants who come from heavily patriarchical countries, the men who are seen as the heads of the families and main bread winners go ahead to learn the languages. This is because they get to get out there, and mingle with society as they look for jobs or create their own businesses.

This is different for the children because they get the chance to go to school with the rest f the kids who are not foreign thus getting to speak the foreign language as their first or second language perfectly. This comes about through the lessons at school, watching television, the internet interaction and having friends other than fellow migrants. Perhaps, most of them are born in their new countries after their parents are migrants already.

Examples of  such families include those from developing countries like; Ethiopia, Turkey and Somalia  where languages like Somali, Arabic and Amharic are spoken and go start new lives in developed countries like Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom to mention a few where languages like German, French, Dutch and English are spoken and used for official work.

Why translation and Legal Aid go hand in hand

Because these are migrants, there are always case to settle or solve with immigration either applying for extension of Visas or when applying for refugee status.

There are loads of documents and data involved in such cases that are usually in the language of that particular country, and need one to have fully understood them before getting into court. Or before giving reasons as to why they should be allowed to stay in the particular country.

Therefore, reliable translation services and interpreters that are well versed and knowledgeable when it comes to the Legal Aid sector are vital in such processes. This is because any slight misunderstanding of vital documents due to language barrier and miscommunication may cause the deportation or detention of an individual and in worse cases, an entire family as reported by

The ten most popular countries with immigration as per the

  • Spain
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Germany
  • Russia
  • United States of America

By Angela Kyolaba

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