Professional Legal Aid Translation Services

Professional Legal Aid Translation Services

KL Translations provides professional legal aid translation services to global clientele. Legal aid is legal assistance offered to citizens, immigrants or legalese by the government for them to access justice especially when the rights are being abused for free or at a minimal cost.

We serve law firms, government and individual clients at legal aid rates, at the same time delivering fastest and the most accurate legal  translations. Our translators are fluent and literate in both English and are particularly made out of native speakers of over 100 major global languages. We provide fastest services  and most accurate  translations at legal.

Why opt for KL Translations?

We are a global certified translation company and we tailor our translations to legal settings per target country, guaranteeing full acceptance of our translations in all legal institutions. These are reasons why KL Translations should be your language service provider;

  • Confidentiality of your project as we sign non-disclosure agreement
  • Quick turnaround with the ability to beat deadlines without eliminating quality
  • Experts in the relevant subject fields such as patents in the legal field, engineering, medicine, science and technology and many more.

We provide legal aid translation services in various languages such as:

Our legal translation team has the capacity to adjust legalese to suit the target audience without a slight mess of the meaning.No  legal subject we cannot handle. We deliver accurate and official translations in a great range of legal documents, including

  • Witness statements,
  • Affidavits for court use,
  • Contracts,
  • Powers of attorney,
  • Copyright applications,
  • Certificates of incorporation
  • Articles of association, etc

Our hand-picked teams of expert legal translators translate exclusively into their native language, ensuring that every task we undertake on your behalf is completed with precision and unquestionable accuracy.

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