Legal Translation Services

Legal Translation Services

KL Translations provides legal translation services for the UK and global clients. We offer highly specialized translation services for the legal sector. KL Translations has been in the translations industry for over a decade serving, law firms, solicitors, government agencies and business in general with high-quality legal translation services. Our legal translation solutions range from legal interpreting to legal document translation; all delivered at legal aid rates

Our translation agency also serves clients with certified document translation and transcription of legal files. We cover over 100 languages including; Slovakian, Chinese, Romanian, Czech, Spanish, etc. Click here to see all languages we offer for translation.

KL Translations for you legal translation requirements

At KL Translation, we have over the years established strong pillars of exclusive confidential  professional legal translation services; international in-depth knowledge about civil law and common law, right mix of active human processors of text, network of multinational inborn professional linguists, performer field specialists, capacity to tailor services, cost effectiveness uncompromising quality and much more. We simultaneously operate in the UK and across all international regions.

Depend on us for distinctive legal translation services catering for everything from witness statements to global and multinational contracts, from family breakdown to land grabbing. KL Translations’ legal translations team can translate and interpret any legal subject matter in any pair of languages.

For linguistically complex legal documents, recorded or live speech that requires systematic kind of translation or transcription, if you mind phraseology, terminology, or formality to legal fit your country’s legal requirements, present to KL Translations group, our multi-field specialists will deliver you a perfect legal translation solution at your earliest. We skillfully handle all matters equally whether small or big.

At KL Translations, our team handling legal translations is composed of experienced legal translators and project managers with a comprehensive knowledge in the legal field enabling them to manage any legal terminology efficiently

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