Legal Document Translation Services

Legal Document Translation Services

We provide exquisite legal document translation services to law firms, courts, government bodies and corporate clients. Our legal document translation services are available in more than 100 languages.

Our legal document translators possess excellent oral and written skills, as well as expert knowledge in the legal sector. In addition to their general command of the language, they are knowledgeable with legal terminology. They apply these skills to a wide range of situations and are well-heeled at all levels of linguistic performance.

Our legal translation agency has been effectively matching clients who are in need of legal services with lawyers competent to handle their legal problems. We offer translation of legal documents executed by experienced professional translators in various fields such as:

  • Conveyancing
  • Estate law
  • Personal injury
  • Patents
  • Immigration
  • Family
  • Corporate
  • Criminal, among others

We take pride in our  5000+ professional and qualified native speakers who offer cultural and lingual consultancy services pointing out social dos and don’ts, and relevant influences to your target ethnic audience. KL Translations delivers an unshakable experience with reliability and accurate results at competitive prices.

Why work with us?

Our legal translation agency is trusted by a multitude of legal services providers across the globe. When you work with us you benefit from the following;

  • Save money: We offer competitively priced translation options through our instant quote tool.
  • Save time by collaborating with professional translators based all around the world, we are able to offer a round-the-clock service to complete your language assignments faster.
  • Safe hands: We maintain our clients’ confidentiality.
  • Professional translation services by qualified and expert linguists, etc

Legal document translation in any language:

we provide legal document translation services covering a multitude of languages such as;

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