Romanian Legal Aid Translation Services

Romanian Legal Aid Translation Services

KL Translations provides high quality and accurate Romanian legal aid translation services at legal aid rates. Our translations agency provides highly qualified Romanian legal aid translators and interpreters, who provide professional legal aid translations from any language to Romanian and from Romanian to any language. We cater for over 100 world languages, meaning your documents can be translated into any language you request at legal aid rates.

Romanian legal aid translators

At KL Translations, we work with professional and highly qualified legal translators, and we understand the benefit of providing quality Romanian legal aid translations services to clients. All our translators hold the qualification in translations and have further qualifications in fields like medical, legal and financial etc. they have been trained in specific areas of translating legal documents in areas like family and court matters.

Our translation agency is delighted to deliver Romanian legal aid translation services in a variety of settings such as;

About the Romanian language

Romanian is the official language of Romania. The name Romania, and its derivatives, come from the Latin word ‘Romanus’, a legacy of Roman rulers who took control of ancient Dacia in 106 A.D. Romanian retains a number of features of old Latin and also contains many words taken from the surrounding Slavic languages, as well as from French, Old Church Slavonic, German, Greek and Turkish.

More interesting facts

  • The earliest homo sapiens fossils, up to now, were discovered in 2002 in southwestern Romania, in the Cave of Bones. The fossil’s age is estimated at 37,800 to 42,000 years old.
  • Romanian inventor Traian Vuia was the first European to build and fly a fully self-propelled, fixed-wing ‘automobile airplane in March 18, 1906.
  • The first ever first perfect 10 in the Olympic Games was given to Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci. She bagged the score after her performance in Montreal, Canada in 1976.
  • The name “Romania” comes from the Latin word “Romanus” which means “citizen of the Roman Empire.”
Our reliable Romanian legal aid translation services

The following are the peculiarities of our legal aid translations

  • Close monitoring of technical aspects
  • Fast turnaround
  • Competitive prices
  • Translation by experts
  • Proofreading by editors
  • Confidentiality and nondisclosure agreement are strictly ensured
Legal Aid Global Translation Services

We offer legal aid translation in over 100 languages such as

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