Persian Legal Aid Translation Services

Persian Legal Aid Translation Services

If you are in need of professional Persian legal aid translation services, KL Translations is a professional Persian language translation agency delivering various legal aid translation services into and from Persian. Our Persian legal aid translation company has an expert team of Persian translation professionals fully qualified and experienced to provide you with high quality and accurate Persian legal aid translation services at legal aid rates. Whether your requirement is legal document translation, legal interpreting, or legal transcription from and into the Persian language, our professionals are prepared to expertly fulfil your needs in time and budget under the legal aid rates guidelines. We also provide certified legal aid funded translation services to our clients. Contact us today for a free quote or to learn more.

Persian to English legal aid translation

If your requirement is Persian to English legal aid translation, we have a perfect team of legal translation professionals consistently delivering accurate and complete Persian to English legal translations. We pride ourselves for having been in the translation industry for over 7 years serving the UK community with translation services at legal aid rates. Our Persian to English legal aid translation service is handled by native Persian translators with a professional working knowledge in English.

English to Persian legal aid translation services

We expertly translate legal aid documents from English into Persian. Our Persian translators have been helping clients with English to Persian translation solutions for over a decade. Our Persian to English translation professionals have a sufficient experience in dealing with legal terminology and possess linguistic and cultural expertise. We commit ourselves to matching clients’ requirements and rendering them with the top quality and accurate Persian aid translation services

About Persian

Persian is spoken by about 130 million people, mainly in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan. However, it is also spoken by a significant number of people in many other countries, including Uzbekistan, Bahrain, Iraq, Turkey, Kuwait, Azerbaijan, Israel, Turkmenistan, Oman, Yemen, the United Arab Emirates and America.

Iran was formerly called Persia until 1935 when the Government of the day requested that it be called Iran, not Persia because Iran is the name of the country in Persian.

The reasons why clients choose us
  • Our clients have continued to work with our translation agency because of the following reasons;
  • All our translation projects are given total attention
  • We are strict on our promises made to clients
  • We are ever open to clients and like telling the truth
  • We offer high competitive Persian legal aid translation services
  • We ensure strict confidentiality of the client’s information and give nondisclosure agreements
  • Timely delivery to client’s requests
Global legal aid translation services

We deliver legal aid translations in several languages such as;

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