Nepali Legal Aid Translation Services

Nepali Legal Aid Translation services

KL Translations Ltd provides high-quality Nepali legal aid translations services at legal aid rates. Our translations agency provides high qualified Nepali legal aid translators and interpreters, who provide professional legal aid translations from any language to Nepali and from Nepali to any language. We cater for over 100 world languages, meaning your documents can be translated into any language you request at legal aid rates.

Nepali legal aid translators

At KL Translations, we work with professional and highly qualified legal translators, and we understand the benefit of providing quality Nepali legal aid translation services to clients. All our translators hold the qualifications in translations and have further qualifications in fields like medical, legal and financial etc. They have been trained in specific areas of translating legal documents in areas like family and court matters.

Our translation agency is delighted to deliver Nepali legal aid translation services in a variety of settings such as;

Project Managements and Confidentiality

We work with a pool of project managers selected from a list of over 5000 legal linguists and translators in the world. Our project managers have a proven experience and expertise in the translation field thus delivering fluent and high-quality Nepali legal aid translation services in their own mother tongue language. If you submit your project to our translation agency, it will be processed by the native speaking translators of the target language of your choice. While in the translation process, a selected team of translators will be in direct contact with you such that they can get all the requirements you need in your project. They will proofread their work to ensure that all minor errors like wrong spelled words, poor grammar and vague sentences are polished out from the work.

Confidentiality and disclosure agreements are of much emphasis during the translation process, we ensure that client’s information is strictly protected.

Legal aid translation from English to Nepali and vice versa

We have professional Nepal legal translators highly experienced to process legal aid translation services from and into Nepali and other languages like Croatian, Greek, Swahili, Japanese to mention a few. Because of the vast experience they have in the translation industry, you will also get any of your Nepal legal project translated into English and to over 100 languages.

About Nepali

Nepali or Nepalese is an Indo-Aryan language. It is the official language and de facto lingua franca of Nepal and is also spoken in India, Bhutan and Myanmar. Nepali has official status in the Indian state of Sikkim and in West Bengal’s Darjeeling district. Nepali developed in proximity to a number of Indo-Aryan languages, most notably the Pahari languages and Magahi, and shows Sanskrit influences. However, owing to Nepal’s geographical area, it has also been influenced by Tibeto-Burman languages.

More interesting facts about Nepali
  • As the national animal of Nepal, the slaughtering of cows is banned
  • Nepal has the world’s densest concentration of World Heritage sites

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