Mongolian Legal Aid Translation Services

Mongolian Legal Aid Translation Services

We provide professional Mongolian legal aid translation services and interpreting services in the UK at legal aid rates. Our firm translates all legal aid documents from or to the Mongolian language. Our Mongolian legal aid translation services can be certified and used in UK courts of law or for in-house casework.

About our Mongolian Legal Aid translation Services At Legal Aid Rates

With our quality service, we deliver over 100 languages and dialects including the Mongolian language to any language and from any language to Mongolian. We focus utmost on timely service delivery retaining our original customer base and we trust you to advocate our services from your great experience. Our Mongolian legal aid translation services are highly sought after by solicitors and individuals all across the UK. We are uniquely positioned to continue providing our clients with professional and reliable Mongolian translation and interpreting services at legal aid rates. Our Mongolian legal translation services include:-

Legal aid translation from English to Mongolian

If your requirement is Mongolian to English legal aid translation, we have a perfect team of legal translation professionals consistently delivering accurate and complete Mongolian to English legal translations. We pride ourselves for having been in the translation industry for over 7 years serving the UK community with Mongolian legal aid translation services at legal aid rates. Our Mongolian to English legal aid translation service is handled by native Mongolian translators with a professional working knowledge in English.

About Mongolian

Mongolia’s capital is Ulaanbaatar, or Ulan Bator, which comes from the Mongolian Ulayanbayatur, which means “Red Hero.” The city is not part of any Mongolian aimag or province, and its population as of 2008 was over 1 million. The city was founded in 1639 as a movable monastery and changed locations 28 times before it was settled permanently at its present location on the Tuul and Selbe rivers in 1778.

Interesting fact about Mongolia

There is a theory that Mongolian horseman may have invented the ice cream when they took cream in containers made from animal intestines as provisions on long journeys across the Gobi desert in winter. As they galloped, the cream was vigorously shaken, while the sub-zero temperature caused it to freeze. The expansion of the Mongol Empire spread ice cream through China, from where Marco Polo reputedly brought the idea to Italy when he returned from his travels in 1295.

Mongolian legal aid translation to English

We can also avail our translation from Mongolian to English for all English speaking audience, not only to English, any Mongolian legal aid project can be translated in over 100 languages. Therefore, your Mongolian project will be translated to achieve all your intended requirements

Why choose our Mongolian legal aid translation services
  • Our Mongolian legal aid translation services highly demanded by the majority of clients across the world because of high quality and accuracy to a target language.
  • We also ensure that strict confidentiality while customizing any translation project is highly guaranteed and we also give nondisclosure agreements to clients.
  • With a pool of over 5000 linguists in the legal translation sector across the world, we are capable of availing translation in any language that the clients will request for
  • We also assign the clients project to the native speaking translators of the target language in the field that the project relates to
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