Luxembourgish Legal Aid Translation Services

Luxembourgish Legal Aid Translation Services

We at KL Translations offer the most professional Luxembourgish legal aid translation services for all legal cases in the UK. We translate all types of documents to/from the Luxembourgish language at UK legal aid rates. Our agency provides highly accurate Luxembourgish legal aid translation services and interpreting services at UK legal aid rates. Our translations are used in UK courts of law or in casework by various organisations such as local councils and solicitors.

Our Luxembourgish translators are not only trained and qualified in the translation work but also in the legal field to provide superb quality translations of any legal document to and from their language.

  • Legal aid advice
  • Family court representation
  • Medical-legal aid translation
  • Affidavits for court use
  • Contracts
  • Powers of attorney

With the above, we have the Luxembourgish legal aid translators that can handle and accurately translate them into and out of the Luxembourgish language.

About Luxembourgish

Luxembourgish is the national language of Luxembourg and one of three administrative languages, alongside French and German.

Luxembourgish is also spoken in the Arelerland region of Belgium (part of the Province of Luxembourg) and in small parts of Lorraine in France.

Debates in the Luxembourg parliament are carried out mainly in Luxembourgish though some deputies prefer to use French. Laws are drafted in French, but people are free to use French, German or Luxembourgish in when dealing with administrative and judicial matters.

Peculiarities of Luxembourgish legal aid translation services

We at KL Translations Ltd offer professional Luxembourgish legal aid translation services that bear the following peculiarities;

  • Our clients have liked to work with our translations agency because of high quality and accurate translations of their legal aid documents. While carrying the translation, we ensure that the project is done by the right translator in the right field.
  • KL Translations Ltd provides competitively priced Luxembourgish legal aid translations services to clients; this makes clients have easy access to a high competitive market
  • Our clients are assured of receiving error-free legal aid translation since we use a professional team of additional proofreaders who will check for any minor errors and grammar, make corrections where necessary.
  • Quick turnarounds
  • Excellent Luxembourgish legal aid translation services.
  • Quick response to clients

Translations from and into global languages

Besides offering Luxembourgish legal aid translation services, We also cater for legal aid translations in a majority of languages such as;

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