Italian Legal Aid Translation Services

Italian Legal Aid Translation Services

KL Translations is a professional Italian language translation agency delivering various legal aid translation services into and from Italian. Our Italian legal aid translation company has an expert team of Italian translation professionals fully qualified and experienced to provide you with high quality and accurate Italian legal translation services at legal aid rates. Whether your requirement is legal document translation, legal interpreting, or legal transcription from and into Italian language, our professionals are prepared to expertly fulfill your needs in time and budget under the legal aid rates guidelines. We also provide certified legal aid funded translation services to our clients. Contact us today for a free quote or to learn more.

Italian to English legal aid translation

If your requirement is Italian to English legal aid translation, we have a perfect team of  Italian legal aid translation professionals consistently delivering accurate and complete Italian to English legal translations. We pride ourselves for having been in the translation industry for over 7 years serving the UK community with Italian legal aid translation at legal aid rates. Our Italian to English legal aid translation service is handled by native Italian translators with a professional working knowledge in English.

Facts About Italian Language

Italian is a Romance language spoken mainly in Europe: Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, Vatican City, as a second language in Albania, Malta, Slovenia and Croatia, by minorities in Crimea, Eritrea, France, Libya, Monaco, Montenegro, Romania and Somalia, and by expatriate communities in Europe, in the Americas and in Australia. Many speakers are native bilinguals of both standardized Italian and other regional languages.

Languages catered for

Our legal aid translations can be got in all other world languages besides Italian such as;

The peculiarities of our Italian legal aid translation

Our translation services are characterized by the following;

  • Competitive prices
  • Accurate and high-quality  Italian legal aid translation
  • Translation translated by professional native speaking translators
  • Quick turnarounds
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