Chinese Legal Aid Translation Services

Chinese Legal Aid Translation Services

KL Translations provides high quality and accurate Chinese legal aid translations services worldwide. Our translations agency provides high qualified Chinese legal aid translators and interpreters, who provide professional legal aid translations from English to  Chinese and from Chinese to English. We cater for over 150 world languages, meaning your documents can be translated into any language you request at legal aid rates.

Chinese legal aid translators

At KL Translations, we work with professional and highly qualified legal translators, and we understand the benefit of providing quality legal aid translation to clients. All our translators hold qualifications in translations and have further qualifications in fields like medical, legal and financial etc. they have been trained in specific areas of translating legal documents in areas like family and court matters. Working with at KL Translations Ltd, you can be rest assured of professional Chinese legal aid translation services.

Our translation agency is delighted to deliver Chinese legal aid translation services in a variety of settings such as;

  • Court hearings
  • Interviews
  • Translating legal advice documents
  • And interview document translations

Languages Combinations Catered For

At KL Translations Ltd, we have different native speaking legal translator and interpreters who work in their own mother tongue languages such as

About the Chinese language

Chinese is a group of related but in many cases conjointly inaudible language varieties, forming a branch of the Sino-Tibetan language family. Chinese is spoken by the world’s the Han majority and many other ethnic groups in China. Nearly 1.2 billion people (around 16% of the world’s population) speak some form of Chinese as their first language

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