Amharic Legal Aid Translation Services

Amharic Legal Aid Translation Services

We provide professional Amharic Legal aid translation services and interpreting services in the UK at legal aid rates.  Our firm translates all documents from or to Amharic language. Our translations can be certified and used in UK courts of law or for in-house casework.

About Our Amharic translation Services at Legal Aid Rates

With our quality service, we deliver over 100 languages and dialects including Amharic language to any language and from any language to Amharic. We focus utmost on timely service delivery retaining our original customer base and we trust you to advocate our services from your great experience.  Our Amharic legal aid translation and interpreting services are highly sought after by solicitors and individuals all across the UK. We are uniquely positioned to continue providing our clients with professional and reliable Amharic translation and interpreting services at legal aid rates. Our Amharic legal translations include:-

  • Court interpreting services
  • Court document translation services
  • Certified legal document translation
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Global legal aid translation Services

Our legal aid services are avail in the following languages;

Reliable Amharic Legal Aid Translation Services

Our translation company provides reliable legal translations for Amharic language at legal aid rates. There are 4 main reasons as to why clients choose our Amharic legal aid translations and they are:-

  • Professional and high-quality legal aid translations
  • On-time delivery
  • Competitively priced to meet legal aid rates guidelines
  • Amharic /English qualified translators work on the actual translation request
More About Amharic language

Amharic is a semantic language spoken in Ethiopia. It is the second most semantic language in the world, after the Arabic, and the official working language of several of the states within the federal system. Amharic is has been the working language of government, the military, and the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo church throughout medieval and modern times, the language is spoken by nearly 22 million speakers in Ethiopia.

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