About Us

About Us: Legal Aid Translation Services UK

Legal Aid Translation Services UK is part of KL Translations Ltda global language translation services provider based in London UK. Our translations company specializes in providing professional legal translation services at legal aid rates. At KL Translations, we have a team of specialist  translators who deliver expert legal translation services in their mother tongue.

Our legal aid translation services involve legal professionals, and project management teams, experienced in providing translation services related to the legal sector. We handle all fields of law, from alternative dispute resolution to international law.

We provide translations in and out of more than 100 major global languages. With a big network of qualified specialist and translators, we serve the UK communities and other areas across the globe. We have been serving the UK and outside world for over a decade providing them with accuracy of languages at legal aid rates.

Our experience makes us a reliable source for any translation requirement related to the legal sector. This is because our native legal translators are familiar with legal systems and terminology to handle any type of legalese to digestibility by the target audience.Our entire team must have a solid legal background from linguists to proofreaders and editors who regularly monitor the translated documents  to make sure that they sound perfect and fit for your requirements.

We are fully aware that the translation related to legal causes is a very sensitive and critical one  as any minor errors can be costly consequential. The data involved may be extremely crucial and may require complete confidentiality. It is also important that any legal translations are acceptable in the home legal system and comprehensible by any foreign tribunals. Our legal translation service guarantees all that. We offer both uncertified and certified legal translations depending on the client’s need.

What Is Unique About Legal Aid Translation Services UK?

  •  Timely delivery of service
  •  Perfect project management
  •  Competitive prices
  •  High quality legal translation delivered by expert legal professionals at legal aid rates
  •  Accuracy and technical perfection
  •  Native speakers who are qualified and professional
  •  legal translation service managed by experts
  •  quick responses
  •  Service available 24/7

High Quality Legal Document Translation Services

At Legal Aid Translation Services UK ,we do our home work well  including consultation of designated external parties so as to tailor our legal document translation services to perfection. We also provide our clients with legal interpreting services . These come to you at legal aid rates.

We are committed to meeting  any technical, quality and professional standards of your discourse. Any project is critically analyzed before translation begins so as to come up with the  best translation possible. All translations undergo an extra step of proofreading by our editorial team so as to eliminate any possible errors that might have been made in the initial stages of the translation process.Our translations are human authored.

Our Philosophy and Mission

Quality is our passion and it means doing more than just completing the translation. It means providing sound and outstanding legal translation services, ensuring customer satisfaction is met promptly while having the target audience in mind to offer exceptional standards. The economic principle which states that ” a customer is a king” guides us to serve our clients to the best of their needs.