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Welcome to Legal Aid Translations – We are part of KL Translations Ltd, a professional language translation company in London UK. Our legal aid translation company is committed to delivering sublime legal aid translation services for global clients. KL Translations has been helping clients with exquisite legal aid translation services for over 15 years. Our legal aid company has a network of over 5000 qualified and experienced translators, we deliver legal aid translation services in over 100 languages spoken worldwide.

Legal Aid and Its Importance

Legal aid is the assistance given to people who are unable to afford legal representation and access to the law and court systems in their sought for justice. Legal aid is very important in ensuring equal access to justice and the law. Legal aid may meet the costs for legal advice, family mediation and or representation in the court/ tribunal. The absence of equal access to the law and courts would render the rights and responsibilities of citizens worthless. This therefore implies that the provision of legal aid to the disadvantaged population is of great significance for the democratic process of any nation

Legal Aid Translation Agency

KL Translations is a leading and professional legal aid translation agency in the UK and world over. A big number of law firms, government agencies, NGOs and corporate clients use our legal aid translation agency on regular basis. We deliver legal aid translation services while paying attention to all subtleties involved. If you’re looking for a professional legal aid translation agency, KL Translations is the best option for you.  Our approach to legal aid translation is designed to capture and simplify all legal terminology to the level that can easily be understood and comprehended by all parties involved.
Over the years of our operation, we have been able to meet all our clients’ needs and this is our greatest pride and achievement. Our legal aid translation agency  continues delivering outstanding legal aid translations as one of our specialty areas of translation. Our commitment to serving clients with timely, accurate and yet competitively legal aid translation services makes us a recommended source for all translations related to the legal sector.

Legal Translation Services

We have emerged to be among leading providers of expert legal translation services in UK and the world at large. Our legal translation services are accepted various legal service providers and courts globally. Given the tricky nature of legal translation, our legal translation company only uses qualified and experienced legal professionals to execute our legal translations. KL Translations is a legal translation company which is committed to delivering excellence and satisfying every client’s needs. Our legal translation company has gained trust by various law firms, courts, solicitors among many more legal service providers worldwide.

Our legal aid translation services cater for virtually all the major languages spoken globally. Some of the languages we offer for legal translation include; French, German, Arabic, Afrikaans, Cantonese, Albanian, Romanian, Portuguese, etc. Click here to check out all languages that we offer.

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High-Quality Legal Aid Translation Services

Language is a very critical factor in the process of seeking for justice. In the global world where there is a diversity of languages and cultures, the services of professional legal translations agency are vital. KL Translations is a recommended and trusted partner for your legal Aid translation services. Our legal aid translation services have been tested and approved as all our clients remain smiling after using our legal language translation services.

Our legal aid translation services are delivered with a keen eye to the legal systems and cultures. All legal aid translations are done by professional legal experts with perfect knowledge of law and the cultures. They are lawyers trained specifically as legal translators to provide accurate legal aid translation. The law is a very delicate field therefore legal translation has to be accurate and error free. Any minor mistakes can result to unexpected legal consequences. You therefore need to use KL Translations where legal aid translation is delivered with maximum accuracy.

Provide legal aid translation services covering diverse areas. Take a look at some of our legal aid translation services here;

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